Sebuah sajak oleh Mastin Kipp,


I do not know if we will meet again

but what I do know

is that I trust in love’s timing

I’ve learned not to chase you

but to chase my self

The yearning I had to be with you

was truly yearning to be with my authentic self

And in finding myself

I now know what I have to do is show up and let go

Show up for my own heart and let in everything that matches

It’s vibration

and let go of everything else

There is no use trying to hold onto a poison

because I am afraid of going thirsty

I’ve had one too many sips of that drink labeled “I’m not enough”

I’d rather go thirsty in the desert because my heart has asked me to

Than it’s that request one more time

But what I’ve found is that once I let go of the poisonous drink

Of low self worth and listened to my heart

I did not go thirsty

Not because I found another poison to drink

No, but because following my heart

was all I need to quench my thirst